A Basque derby with a hallway and without revenge

Draw in the morbid derby, which looked a lot like the Cup final because football failed. When the first part of Anoeta’s clash was on its equator, it began to seem that what was seen on the pitch was only a continuation of last Saturday’s appointment, which ended with two shots on goal, one of them the penalty he scored. Oyarzabal to take Real through the front door. Marcelino even repeated La Cartuja’s line-up, which was disrupted when Yeray requested the change due to a muscle injury in the 13th minute.

A more dynamic and dominating Athletic appeared, in front of a crouching Real, like the one in the second half of Seville. Imanol found the formula in front of the people of Bilbao, far from his principles, which he said he would never abjure, but the words are carried away by the wind, and even the most romantic of coaches knows that they pay him to win. The football was extinguished when arriving at the areas, forbidden territory for the forwards, a minefield. The attackers chipped stone in the mine in search of a seam, but the gold did not appear.

A couple of skirmishes, one per side, and little else. Only the setting was different, otherwise it seemed the same play played over and over again. No changes to the script. Williams appeared on the last play of the first quarter, in a counterattack that ended in something halfway between a center and a shot that Remiro neutralized with merit, more due to the lack of habit of going for a ball than anything else.

Athletic appeared with more chicha in the second half, and Real recoiled as if it were not there for more parties, which is still normal after the celebrations, but kept order on the field. He did not have to make too much effort, because despite the greater intensity of the rojiblancos, his lack of imagination was evident.

Berenguer made himself the first clear chance of Athletic, in a ball that fell from the sky and controlled without bouncing to put his foot. Le Normand sent her to a corner, then Real caused a couple of dangerous counterattacks, especially after the departure of Portu, and in 84 came Athletic’s goal, in a Villalibre header to the center of Berenguer and that of La Real, shortly after, in a monumental error by Unai Simón, who swallowed the distant launch of Roberto López.

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