A 19-year-old assistant referee dies in a soccer match in El Algar (Murcia)

Fernando Alcaraz Bernal, the referee who died in Murcia

A 19-year-old assistant referee has died this Sunday during the game that faced the Montecasillas against him San Ginés de la Jara Autonomous 1st, as reported by sources from the Murcia Region Football Federation.

The young man, Fernando Alcaraz placeholder image, natural of The Union, collapsed during the warm-up of the match, which was to be played at 5:00 p.m. A SUAP ambulance and an EMU traveled to the scene, but despite practicing resuscitation maneuvers for more than half an hour, they could do nothing to save his life.

The match was immediately suspended. Both the local team and the Murcian Football Federation sent their heartfelt messages of condolences to the relatives and friends of the deceased referee.

In this same field there was a very similar scare a few years ago. Back then, the footballer Rafa Lorente he fell collapsed and the presence of a doctor in the field averted the tragedy. After this event they placed defibrillators, both in this and in other stadiums and pavilions. Despite this, the tragedy could not be avoided this Sunday.

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