Liverpool reigns in the ordeal

  • Mohammed Salah An injury complicates his Champions League final

Jürgen Klopp’s Liverpool is a period team, and it behaves as such. The German coach, who with his conquest of the FA Cup has already won everything he could with the team net, has forced his fans to move away from their memories. To put aside the deeds of Bob Paisley, bill shankly either Kenny Dalglish, and convince himself that history, now, is developing under his cap. Klopp wanted that trophy so much that it was difficult for him to unstick his hands, carrying it himself from the box to the grass as he descended the Wembley steps to cheers.

Liverpool won the oldest football tournament (the 150th edition was played) and one of the most beautiful in the world in a final against Chelsea that turned into an ordeal. Salah he retired injured two weeks before the Champions League final. Van Dijk was replaced as a precaution. And, after an intense fight and an extension in which the players could not even walk, the penalty shootout put an end to the torture.

Chelsea could bear their captain’s mistake, César Azpilicueta. Mendy swiped Mane the sentence on the fifth pitch. until Allison Becker decided it was time to intimidate Mount. He did not need a histrionic dance like that of the legendary Bruce Grobbelaar. But he slammed his gauntlets together hard. Only those claps were heard at Wembley. The young English international, bewildered, later did not know how to save the Brazilian goalkeeper. And a secondary actor, the Greek Tsimikaswas the one who closed what will surely be the best sports day of his life.

Physical and psychological fear

After the liturgy and the handrail, with the Prince Guillermo With a smile from ear to ear despite the fact that their Aston Villa did not have to appear under the London sun, the Liverpool footballers faced the appointment with undisguised concern. The networks they had reasons to manage fear, physical and psychic. Winner this season of the Carabao Cup precisely against Chelsea, the Premier is being played in the last two days against Manchester City, who have an advantage of three points [el Liverpool se juega la vida este martes en Southampton]. And, of course, in two weeks they will play the Champions League final in Saint-Denis with a Real Madrid team that is looking forward to the event after settling its League title.

Each fall of Klopp’s footballers was one more nail on the cross. fabinhocapital footballer in the gear net and who yearns to recover from his injury for the duel against those of Ancelotti, watched worriedly from the stands. The first to give the scare was the goalkeeper Alisson, who came out very sore from a duel in the sun against Mark Alonso. The target recovered.

The one who didn’t was Salah. He was lying on the floor within half an hour and, despite the groin massages he received, he shook his head when asked about his sensations. He left the field walking, without a limp, but with the gesture of a duel. Diogo Jota took over.

Salah has scored 30 goals this season. He has offered 16 assists. He is the one who best interprets the movements through the center of Mané. Who promotes with his intimidation unchecks that louis diaz percuss on the opposite side. And, perhaps most importantly, a soccer player wanting revenge after his diabolical dance with Sergio Ramos that left him in the gutter of the 2018 Champions League final.

Lukaku’s Intranscendence

All in all, Tuchel’s Chelsea were able to put up a huge battle against Liverpool on an afternoon of struggle, shots that licked the post as if the ball were attracted by invisible magnets on billboards, and arreones that changed sides. Although the first section of the meeting tried to monopolize Luis Díaz before the ailments of adolescence of Chalobah (22 years old), the bluesbetter organized, they soon found Mount and Pulisic between lines. Much heavier was found Lukaku, locked between two central defenders who match his presence, Van Dijk and Konaté, and unable to even turn around. His insignificance was absolute.

Chelsea were sure that a goal would increase the creative difficulties for Liverpool, who could only advance through Luis Diaz’s flank. Traffic on the opposite side was impossible. there I waited Rudiger ready to risk his neck.

Thiago Alcantarabefore being wiped out harmlessly by James, could not find the few slits of the Tuchel system. So the Londoners took to the hill at the beginning of the second act. Marcos Alonso had two very clear, especially a shot to the crossbar after a lateral foul. Alisson also emerged to deny Pulisic.

Tsimikas’s penalty that earned Liverpool the title.AFP

Luis Díaz, who else, led all of Liverpool’s responses, although he again lacked finesse in the definition. He didn’t have it either Robertsonwhen he finished off with the shin guard and the post at goalmouth when extra time was already threatening.

Van Dijk no longer played extra time, something unusual in the absence of any physical problem or understandable prudence. Klopp also took out Luis Díaz, suffocated by the effort.

There was no other path than survival. And Liverpool, who hadn’t won the FA Cup since 2006, who had only managed to lift the title seven times in their history, waited for Alisson to grow bigger in the penalty shootout. And he extended the dream of the perfect season.

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