3rd league: KFC Uerdingen denies report on payment deadline

The insolvency administration of the third division KFC Uerdingen denied a report by image-Zeitung about a payment deadline that acutely threatens gaming operations. “The deadline mentioned in the press (12 noon today) was not set by us,” said spokesman Thomas Feldmann SID on Thursday.

The insolvency administrator Claus-Peter Kruth will “work on the continuation of gaming operations as long as this is still practicable”. Corresponding efforts and talks are ongoing but not yet completed. “The situation is difficult, many problems have already been discussed publicly,” said Feldmann.

Whether there could be a future in the 3rd division depends “on many factors – but especially on a reliable and financially strong investor”.

The game committee of the DFB had deducted three points from the KFC for the current season. After the withdrawal of the investor Mikhail Ponomarev, there are media reports that there are problems with the successor, the Armenian Noah Company.

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