3rd league: fans of Hansa Rostock block the A9 motorway

After Hansa Rostock’s 1-0 success in the 3rd division against relegated SpVgg Unterhaching, the police were forced to carry out a large-scale operation on the A9 autobahn with over 200 officials on Saturday because cocky Hansa supporters blocked the autobahn at the Holledau triangle . They wanted to celebrate the possibly groundbreaking victory in the fight for promotion to the 2nd division with the Mecklenburg players who were sitting in the team bus.

“In coordination with the Ingolstadt public prosecutor’s office, investigative proceedings were initiated against the suspects for dangerous interference with road traffic and violation of the peace,” said the police. In addition, violations of the Weapons and Explosives Act and the Infection Protection and Narcotics Act were found.

According to the police, around 30 cars had accompanied the Hansa player bus on its return journey north. At around 5.45 p.m. at the Holledau motorway triangle, the escort vehicles slowed down to a standstill, blocking all three lanes for several minutes.

“Several FC Hansa Rostock supporters, some of whom were drunk, then left their vehicles, celebrated, waved flags and ignited pyrotechnic objects. This resulted in significant traffic obstructions,” said the police. A total of around 100 Hansa fans are said to have been involved in the campaign. It was only by chance that no people were injured by the blockade, and according to initial findings, no property damage occurred.

The police were on duty with over 200 officers from several agencies and the riot police. Several vehicles involved were identified and accompanied and the vehicle occupants were subjected to a check at the Ingolstadt-Nord junction. Here, the personal details of 17 people were determined, the controlled could then continue their journey home, according to the police.

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