3rd league: Conference of the 38th matchday NOW in the live ticker

In the 3rd league today, on the last day of the game, decisions are made in the fight for promotion, relegation and relegation place. Here at SPOX you can follow the 38th matchday in the conference ticker.

Exciting season finale in the 3rd division! Who will be the second promoted team next to Dynamo Dresden, which two other teams will have to enter the regional league and which team will be relegated to the 2nd league? In our conference live ticker you are always up to date.

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Toooor for Dresden!

Rama pushes the ball past Weinkauf into the goal, but the situation is over because of Rama’s narrowly offside position.

3. League: The games of the 38th matchday

1860 keeper Hiller flies off the pitch! Gaus plays a long ball towards the goal. Kaya is on the ball first and is then cleared by Hiller. Clear red card!

Controversial scenes right at the beginning! After a corner, Sechzigs Erdmann takes the ball, but referee Aytekin does not decide on a penalty.

First big chance for the KFC! Goebel crosses from the right just in front of the gate. There fig chip stands completely free at the level of the second post, it only hits the outer net with a direct removal.

Toooor for Halle! What a horror start for the Bayern amateurs. Che wants to play the ball to his own goal, but forgets that he is not alone. Manu can’t take that away and puts Halle in the lead! Bayern need a win here in order to have any theoretical chances of staying up. In the event of a win, Meppen should only play a draw and Uerdingen would have to lose.

After Viktoria lost the ball, the Munich team quickly moved forward via Sercan Sararer and Lucas Röser. Finally, from a central position and 18 meters from the goal, Nico Gorzel almost got a heart and slams the ball against the crossbar!

You can have a conference with all ten games today MagentaSport see. The Telekom pay station also offers this in the Livestream at. As has already been shown throughout the season MagentaSport even today every game as a single game – also in the livestream.

MagentaSport is chargeable. Telekom customers receive a subscription free of charge up to the 13th month, after which they have to pay 4.95 euros per month. Non-Telekom customers pay EUR 16.95 per month for a monthly subscription and EUR 9.95 per month for an annual subscription.

3. League: Conference of the 38th matchday today in the live ticker – Before the start

The respective state broadcasters of the ARD also show the games in a free live stream on their website.

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