20-year-old soccer player Samuele de Paoli found dead after an argument with a prostitute

Samuele de Paoli

Italian soccer dressed in mourning this week after meeting the sudden death of Samuele de Paoli, 20-year-old player of the Bastia 1924, under strange circumstances, still under investigation. His body was found on the outskirts of Perugia and, according to Italian media, after a strong fight with a prostitute.

It was a neighbor in the area who informed the authorities that there was a lifeless body lying in a ditch next to a car. The first research findings have revealed that there was no trace of gunshot or knife wounds, but if they found bruises and damage to the neck.

The woman he argued with the night before, a 43-year-old Brazilian prostitute, has already been put to judicial disposition and questioned to elaborate a reconstruction of the events, as reported by the local media.

These add that the fight took place in the car, when both fell into the ditch, with her being able to escape, helped by a friend whom she called to pick her up from the place. The woman has four broken ribs, as well as injuries.

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