2. Bundesliga: Fürth “football fairy tale” – but does Prince Leitl stay?

SpVgg Greuther Fürth has surprisingly made it to the Bundesliga for the second time. The emotions are huge, but success coach Stefan Leitl refuses a clear commitment to the shamrock.

Soaked in beer and blissfully stood Stefan Leitl with his “Franken-Meister” shirt in the midst of Fürth’s ascent madness. While the fans celebrated their shamrock in front of the Ronhof euphorically with pyrotechnics and a car parade, the visibly touched SpVgg coach spoke of a “football fairy tale”. But at the hour of greatest triumph, Leitl left it open for the time being whether the Prince Charming will continue this incredible story.

First of all, he will “analyze” the season, said Leitl soberly after the 3-2 win against Fortuna Düsseldorf and the old champions’ emotional promotion to the Bundesliga: “It’s not about an open door, but rather that I discuss it with my family would like to.”

The season “cost a lot of strength”, added the 43-year-old, father of the Fürth high-altitude flight. “

Leitl’s great work at SpVgg Greuther Fürth for almost 16 months arouses desires, among other things, Werder Bremen’s relegated team is said to be interested. When asked about offers from other clubs, Leitl evaded. That’s not what it’s about, but “about me personally”.

Sports director Azzouzi: “Sure that Stefan stays”

“I’m proud and have the greatest respect. That we did it is a football miracle,” said Azzouzi at Sky and wiped the tears from his eyes. He had hay fever, he added – and laughed.

After 2011, Fürth rose to the House of Lords for the second time, thanks to the failure of Holstein Kiel, in the distant past in 1914, 1926 and 1929 three times German champions. And that with a mini budget of 8.5 million euros and the youngest squad in the league. Azzouzi explained the secret of success as follows: “We would not be successful if we bought players for a lot of money, we can only be if everyone is passionate about it.” The team, he pointed out, had “a brutal character”.

This was also evident against Fortuna. Despite being outnumbered after a red card against Anton Stach (45th + 4), SpVgg turned twice behind. With the winning goal by Dickson Abiama (83rd) all dams broke. Fans and team turned the stadium into a party zone.

The fact that Abiama, of all people, met impressively showed the Fürth way. The 22-year-old kicked three years ago in the Nürnberg / Frankenhöhe 4 district class for SpVgg Mögeldorf – and will now play against Bayern Munich next season. This is “unbelievable” not only for Azzouzi.

Despite all the euphoria, a small tip against arch rivals 1. FC Nürnberg could not be missing. “Promotion to the Bundesliga in 2021 – the Franconian champion is amohl wech”, read the shirts of SpVgg. Translated for all non-Franconians, this means: Fürth is now out of the 2nd division. All that remains is the important question of whether Prince Charming Leitl will come along.

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