11 homegrown players and a colossal drive

The final whistle of the referee was heard and finally silence was heard in the stands. And the royalists’ gestures exuded frustration. And that they had generated enough to subdue a supposedly more powerful enemy, certainly more curdled in Europe and less punished by injuries. A sample of the ambition of a group of young people who came mostly from the Zubieta players factory and cheered by a crowd that then burst out to applaud them to thank them for their effort and their merit. Anoeta was once again a boiler in Europe as well.

11 of the 15 players used yesterday by Imanol They come from the Zubieta quarry. Perhaps no squad that has participated in the three European competitions can boast a record that is not even close to that. The four players who came out in the second half were from the quarry: Barrenetxea, Gorosanel, Turrientes and Karrikaburu. Two Navarrese like Remiro and Merino, plus Januzaj and For your they made up the foreign legion. The numbers help to increase the numbers of homegrown players, but it is the law to highlight the way this Real competes with the people that the club itself has formed.

Perhaps that is why the merger with a stand that pushed to the end in pursuit of a 2-1 that did not arrive and that would have made the first European afternoon of the course in Anoeta a magical one is easier. 23,941 spectators filled the atmosphere with decibels on the day the Bultzada returned after 19 months of absence and the continuous recital of songs guided by a megaphone. “Erreala alé”, roared Zabaleta, and the family stand rang with the same impetus. La Real is much bigger with its people.

And that the moment of the hymn arrived overrun, too early, almost 10 minutes earlier than usual, with a very low volume and the shouts of the megaphone breaking its bars. Then, everything was harmony with the team, madness with the draw and hope of victory.

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