1.FC Köln vs. Schalke 04: Bundesliga NOW in the live ticker – 0-0

On the last Bundesliga matchday, 1. FC Köln and FC Schalke 04 face each other. With the SPOX-Liveticker doesn’t miss anything of the duel between the last two.

The penultimate welcomes the last: 1. FC Köln will meet the relegated FC Schalke 04 on matchday 34 of the Bundesliga. The Rhinelander can still secure direct relegation or at least achieve relegation. Will it succeed? Nothing will escape you here in the live ticker.

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62 .: In the meantime, Gladbach increased to 3-0 in Bremen – the thing should be through! Cologne still needs a goal – provided Bielefeld does not take the lead in Stuttgart – to secure their relegation.

60 .: When does Cologne increase the risk? The squires seem to have survived the early urge phase at the beginning of the second round for the first time. After 6: 1 shots on goal in favor of Effzeh in the second half, it remains 0: 0. Schalke are back on the defensive compact and can increasingly free themselves from their own half.

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57 .: In the meantime, Gladbach is 2-0 in the front in Bremen – but that doesn’t help Cologne at all as long as it remains a draw here.

56 .: Schalke also remains dangerous on the offensive with a few pinpricks! Harit pulls from an acute angle in the penalty area in front of the right five-a-side net, but only hits the right wing net – what a start into the second half!

54 .: The opening goal for Cologne is something in the air here! Flick plays a catastrophic bad pass right into Wolf’s feet, who is then through. Still significantly disturbed by Mustafi, Wolf pulls flat in front of the ferryman from a 16 meters half-right position – but much too harmless and too central. The high-standing ferryman dives into the far corner and has little trouble holding the ball.

52 .: Again it gets dangerous in front of the ferryman’s box! Kainz pulls a corner kick from the right side sharply onto the first post, where Wolf holds the skull in. More by chance, Hoppe is in the line of fire and clears the back of the head.

50 .: Incidentally, for Dimitrios Grammozis today it is a return to his old place of work. Between 2005 and 2006, the now 42-year-old was still an active player in the Effzeh jersey and played 19 Bundesliga games.

45th + 2: That’s the way it is – with a goalless draw it goes into the dressing room!

45th +1: There is still a minute on top here. But not much should happen here – both sides avoid any risk in this phase.

1. FC Köln vs. Schalke 04: Bundesliga NOW in the live ticker – kick off 2nd half

43 .: Incidentally, the worst home team meets the worst away team today. While Cologne only scored eleven points in the current season in the Rheinenergiestadion, Schalke has been waiting for a win across all seasons for 27 away games.

41 .: Around five minutes remain in the first round – there shouldn’t be much stoppage time. The miners have long since survived the short urge phase of Cologne. The action now takes place again between the penalty areas and offers few highlights.

39 .: Ouch! Katterbach shoots teammate Kainz KO and hits the Austrian full in the face when trying to clear his own baseline. The following corner kick brings nothing from Schalker’s point of view, for Kainz it goes on again after a short treatment.

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