1. FC Köln – Sebastiaan Bornauw reveals: “The doctors had to put me into an artificial coma”

Defender Sebastiaan Bornauw (21) from 1. FC Köln has revealed that his back operation almost cost him his life: the doctors had to put him into an artificial coma due to an allergic reaction.

It all started with increasing back pain until the Belgian was diagnosed with a “benign bone tumor on the spine” at the beginning of February. When conservative treatment did not work, Bornauw should be operated on. “Basically this is not a problem,” said managing director Horst Heldt in mid-February: “It still has to be done.”

However, when the procedure was performed, Bornauw suffered an allergic reaction. “The doctors had to put me in an artificial coma for 24 hours. 20 years ago I would have died 90 percent,” he says in the current episode of the documentary 24/7, in which the Effzeh gives insights into the club this season.

The doctors had told him that his body temperature “rose by one degree per minute,” reports Bornauw. “If you hadn’t reacted within a few minutes, I would have exploded.” In the end, however, the medics got the situation under control: “I’m very happy that I’m fine now. It could have turned out much worse. The doctors reacted great and did a good job, and now I feel good. “

The operation was rescheduled a week and a half later, and since then Bornauw has been working on his comeback on the lawn, now practically pain-free. It is still unclear when he can play for Cologne again. He is optimistic: “As I know myself, it won’t be long.”

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