1. FC Köln – BVB: Bundesliga now in the live ticker: 2: 1

In the Bundesliga, 1. FC Köln and Borussia Dortmund face each other on today’s 26th matchday. You can follow the duel here in the live ticker.

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Gates: 0: 1 Haaland (3rd), 1: 1 Duda (HE./35.), 2: 1 Jakobs (65.)

65. | Goal for 1. FC Köln!

59. | And then it goes in the other direction again. Now there is space for Effzeh. The ball flies into the penalty area from the left. At the height of the second post, Thomas Meunier clears before Marius Wolf.

1. FC Köln – BVB: Bundesliga now in the live ticker – 2: 1

56. | Now Dortmund offers itself a moment to switch. Erling Haaland is sent half-right into the penalty area, but has to turn there. After the short back pass, Youssoufa Moukoko shoots immediately, but sticks to Rafael Czichos.

53. | Then the Cologne show up again for the first time. Ismail Jakobs crosses into the penalty area from the left. From there, Dominick Drexler brings the pill sharply to the gate. Jonas Hector wants to extend under distress. That doesn’t work in a controlled manner.

52. | The execution of the standard situation is a long time coming. Loose a minute goes into the country, then Mahmoud Dahoud shoots from a half-right position. Timo Horn catches the right-footed shot without any problems.

51. | Youssoufa Moukoko, who has just been substituted, is on the way towards the penalty area of ​​Rafael Czichos and thus brings out a free kick for BVB.

48. | Apparently the Dortmunders got a decent announcement from Edin Terzic in the cabin. The black and yellow look now more concentrated and dominate the initial phase of the second round.

45th + 2nd | Halftime!

1. FC Cologne – BVB: Bundesliga today on TV and live stream

44. | After that, the Borussia fell back into their lethargy, lacked concentration in the passing game and thus invited the opponent to play forward.

42. | After a long outside pass from Mats Hummels, Julian Brandt accepts the ball on the right in the box very well, but does not get the precise pass into the middle. Nevertheless, shortly afterwards Jude Bellingham comes half left on the edge of the box for a left-footed shot, which Timo Horn is sure to keep.

40. | Only Effzeh continues to play here – even if there is not a lot of purposefulness there. However, the Rhinelander are increasingly earning the compensation.

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