1. FC Köln – Borussia Dortmund 2: 2: What would BVB be without Haaland?

Erling Haaland saved BVB from being embarrassed at 1. FC Köln with his goal shortly before the end. Due to the 2: 2 (1: 1) on the 26th matchday of the Bundesliga, BVB is four points behind Eintracht Frankfurt, who are fourth in the table. Cologne is in 14th place with 23 points. Cologne’s Duda by penalty (35th) and Ismail Jakobs (65th) had turned Haaland’s early lead (3rd) in the meantime.

The draw was flattering for BVB. The CL aspirant had taken the lead early in the relegation candidate, but then allowed himself to be played against the wall by the FC at times. Above all, the duel behavior of Dortmund was disappointing. The bottom line was that three good minutes at the beginning of the game and three good minutes at the end were enough for BVB to get the lucky point. BVB has only won four of the last eleven Bundesliga games, while FC Köln have only won one of their 18 home games since the restart in May 2020. “That is absolutely annoying. If you lead a game like this 2-1 at the end, you have to Bring it home dirty, “said Marius Wolf, the loan from BVB playing for Cologne. Cologne coach Markus Gisdol, who was under great pressure before the game, should be rid of any job worries for the time being after the committed and extremely valuable performance of his players.

In the first few minutes of the game, it looked as if BVB had been properly brushed for riot by coach Edin Terzic. Dortmund were dominant from kick-off, ran very aggressively at Cologne and immediately looked for the goal. Terzic’s match plan also seemed to work properly when, after less than three minutes, Emre Can played a beautiful, at the same time powerful and buttery delicate pass almost from his own sixteen exactly on the toe cap of Erling Haaland’s shoe cap, Haaland picked up this dream pass just as tenderly, from his own Opponents loosened and shot the ball through the legs of keeper Timo Horn into the goal.

It was Haaland’s 13th away goal this season – the entire Cologne team had only managed twelve goals by then.

The fact that there were two more in the end was also due to the Dortmunders, who let the relegation candidate come into play. BVB initially kept the pressure high even after the early 1-0 win, and had a ball possession share of more than 70 percent in the first 12 minutes. Thorgan Hazard gave away the 2-0 in this phase. But then the players clearly took off. The Cologne team were allowed to combine relatively unhindered near the penalty area, soon sorted themselves into a classic 4-4-2 and used the open spaces in the center quite skillfully. BVB coach Edin Terzic became nervous and demanded a more resolute game against the ball. The consequence: BVB lost the ball more often, especially their duel leading looked sleepy and not ready for the Bundesliga.

1. FC Köln – BVB: The analysis

And Cologne may not be the most dangerous team in the league, but they are capable – and rewarded themselves. Bellingham got the ball when Katterbach shot to the upper arm, referee Siebert decided on a penalty after viewing the video images, Duda converted safely. That deserved 1: 1.

And anyone who thought that the goal they conceded would finally wake up Borussia was mistaken. Until the break whistle, the Dortmunders continued to be unfocused and sleepy. Nico Schulz kicked an air hole here, Thomas Meunier kept fitting the opponent in the build-up game, Thorgan Hazard once carelessly lost the ball on the penalty area and Bellingham let Jakobs tunnel him. At least now Cologne was the better team.

During the break, coach Terzic spoke to Youssoufa Moukoko for a long time, who then came on for Brandt. BVB was now trying to limit the damage, at least not so easily lost the ball. But Dortmund could not regain control in midfield. On the contrary. So the CL aspirant tried to play the ball quickly on Haaland or Moukoko and hoped that they could do something with it.

A very cheap and desperate tactic that the strong Cologne team quickly saw through. So they increasingly forced Dortmund into duels in the center, which they often won, and gradually developed a visual superiority – which then resulted in a remarkable opening goal: Drexler matched Jakobs, Meunier hit the ball with his shin and put it but only better in the run of the left midfielder, who had no more trouble running away from the Belgian and making it 2-1 at full speed. Totally deserved.

1. FC Köln – BVB: The lineups:

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