1. FC Kaiserslautern vs. KFC Uerdingen: 3rd league NOW in the live ticker – 3: 1

In the 3rd league today, among others, 1. FC Kaiserslautern and KFC Uerdingen face each other. Here you can follow the match in the live ticker so you don’t miss anything. You can also follow the parallel games Dynamo Dresden – Viktoria Cologne and Hansa Rostock – FSV Zwickau in our live ticker.

Does 1. FC Kaiserslautern make the recent 3-0 defeat against 1860 Munich an exception? After the Red Devils had been unbeaten six games in a row in the struggle to stay up in the 3rd division, they will now receive KFC Uerdingen for the 36th matchday. in the SPOX-Liveticker you won’t miss anything.

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39 .: Toooor, FCK again – 3-1 by Pourie!

37 .: Despite the bar hit a few minutes ago, the narrow lead for the founding member of the Bundesliga is still deserved. Because while the goal area actions are more or less balanced, Marco Antwerp’s team is already the game-defining team and always provides great playful accents.

1. FC Kaiserslautern vs. KFC Uerdingen: 3rd league NOW in the live ticker – 3: 1

31 .: Götze heads on the other side – in his own penalty area – against the crossbar! Gnaase had brought a corner kick from the left flag to the first post, where Kiprit just touched the ball and deflected it. Shortly behind him, the scorer’s attempt to clarify the 2: 1 almost backfires, but the crossbar prevents the own goal.

29 .: While the hosts counter again and Hanslik serves Hercher from the left wing with a great cross, who shoots over the crossbar from about eight meters with a direct drop, Zimmer goes down a few meters behind and complains. In the run, the captain is said to have been torn to the ground by a Uerdinger outside the focus of the scoring chance, but the referee lets go on – that’s probably okay.

28 .: The goal to make it 1: 2 from Uerdingen’s point of view was poorly defended. Because the goal scorer Götze had come to a free conclusion in the center of the sixteenth. Lots of chances to score and three goals already – we have a lot to offer at Betzenberg.

27 .: Goal for 1. FC Kaiserslautern, 2: 1 by Felix Götze Turned the game in just twenty minutes – FCK appeared with a broad chest! Zimmer stuck in the right lane of attack on the Hercher who was running along, who deliberately stuck into the back room from the baseline. Contrary to the direction of travel of all KFC defenders, the ball reaches Götze at about the penalty spot, who stays cool and slides in at the bottom left.

25 .: Anapak lies on the floor after a midfield duel and holds his leg, but after a brief consultation with the referee, he can continue to play without treatment.

17 .: The game leaves little room for breath at the beginning, the next chance is again for the Uerdingen, who had disappeared a little since the opening goal. From the right-hand side, a corner kick is struck accurately on the head of Traorè, who screws himself up and heads slightly to the left of the goal on the short corner. Zuck is still there in front of his keeper and clears the ball with his skull. Kiprit cannot make use of the possibility of additional funding.

14 .: Goal for 1. FC Kaiserslautern, 1: 1 by Philipp Hercher! Betze experienced a furious start to the game, Lautern quickly equalized! Under high pressure from the opponents, Fechner lets himself into a duel a little more than 30 meters in front of his own goal, which he loses. Götze conquers the cherry and keeps his eyes open, pushes half-left to Hercher, who appears free in front of Jurjus. Its end from about 14 meters is a bit too centered, but the KFC goalkeeper rushing out lets the ball slide sluggishly, the ball rolls into the center of the net.

1. FC Kaiserslautern vs. KFC Uerdingen: 3rd league today live on TV and live stream

9 .: So a curious situation leads to the first hit in a game that has been a bit chaotic to date. How does the initially committed FCK react to the setback? They have to catch up for a moment, then they take action: Pourie beats his opponents about 25 meters in front of the goal and pulls out of the second row. From a half-right position he shoots flat about three feet to the right of the post.

6 .: Tooooooooooor! The first chance leads to an early opening goal for KFC Uerdingen! Dorda has a lot of time and space in the left half-field and crosses into the center, where Wagner cannot steer the ball towards the goal from a short distance in the hustle and bustle. Göbel brings the ball cleared into the half-right back space again in front of goal with a right-footed shot, in the center Wagner is still on the ground after the situation shortly before and fakes the game device with his right knee against the crossbar. The ball bounces about on the goal line, Kiprit switches the fastest and pushes into the empty goal with a push.

4 .: But even the Uerdingen do not want to present themselves as walk-in customers and are out in the penalty area for the first time after a very nervous start. After a deep pass from Fechner, Wagner is half right offside, so the situation is whistled back.

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